Hi. My name is Logan Winter Rodriguez. I started cosplaying at the age of two and now I am 6 years old. My dad made me a my first cosplay which was DeadPool and has made all my cosplays ever since. I loved to get in a suit or dress up as my favorite character and Meeting awesome people. Can’t wait to meet more awesome people.

You could find me on IG as Logandominiccosplay and TikTok as logandominiccosplay23


Carson is 9 years old. He started cosplaying 3 years ago after a Marvel movie marathon and decided to use his birthday money to buy a Captain America costume while at Disneyland. He spent the rest of that day walking around in costume giving out salutes and the rest is history!

Since then he has cosplayed different versions of Captain America and several other Marvel characters. As a result of Carson’s cosplay journey his mom has dabbled with EVA foam, sewing, and photo editing to keep up with his cosplay dreams.

You can find him on Instagram and TikTok as KidCaptainAmerica.

Miss Ellie Honeybee

Miss Ellie Honeybee is an eight year old award winning kid cosplayer who has been cosplaying since the age of three. She started to cosplay for her love of ball gowns and being in front of the camera. Ellie is very shy and cosplay has helped her with being more outgoing with fellow cosplayers. She has branched out to several conventions around Southern California. Ellie picks all of her own cosplays. She started out cosplaying mostly princesses or girly characters.
Slowly she has branched out to creepy or dark characters and she plays them very well. Ellie also has a few fairy godmothers to help her cosplay dreams come true.
Ellie loves making new friends, helping make new costumes and walking around the convention floor. She really loves the cosplay community and it’s amazing to see everyone so supportive of a young cosplayers dreams!
You can follow her on Instagram, TikTok and Facebook just search “misselliehoneybee.”


LittleJCosplay has loved cosplay since he was three years old. Ever since he was tiny he has had so much fun playing as bad guys and anti-hero type characters.

LittleJ has won multiple awards and has been featured in print masterfully depicting of some of the wildest and most wicked characters you can think of. Although he’s too young to watch most of his characters on film, he is great at picking up their facial expressions and body language. He’s a lot of fun to watch posing for pictures or performing on stage.

He loves his fellow cosplay kid friends, and has the most fun when he teams up with them to make magic!

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